First, you'll check in your child with the help of one our of volunteers! If it's your first time checking in your kids, plan on arriving about 10 minutes earlier than scheduled. This will ensure your kids get checked in properly to our safe and secure areas! To make the process faster and easier for you, plan your visit to Bethel Church! Our volunteers will be ready for you and your kids!

Plan Your Visit

Classes & Programs

After your kids are checked in, they will experience classes and programs geared to their specific age! In each class, our teachers and volunteers will introduce your kids to Jesus and Biblical principles in exciting ways!

The Nursery: 0 - 2 Years Old
The Treehouse: 3 - 5 Years Old
The Park: Kindergarten - 3rd Grade
Camp 45: 4th - 5th Grade

Safety & security

We take the safety and security of your kids as a top priority. Once you check your kids in, they will receive a sticker with their name a unique code. You will receive a tag with a matching code. In order for your child to be checked out of the class, the matching tag you received will need to be presented to our volunteers.

All of our volunteers have been trained to their specific class and processed through background checks before volunteering.