Bethel Internships


2021 Semester

SUMMER: June 1st - July 30th




Interning with Bethel Church will give you the opportunity to learn skills in ministry and leadership first hand. Specifically skills and concepts as it pertains to planning, organizing, and executing events in and for the local church. In addition, we aim to provide a documented course for the students reflection and help guide the calling the student has been given.



Balance of traditional and modern ministry approaches.



Bethel staff enjoys a family type atmosphere and strives to bring fun to our workday. 


You will benefit professionally, spiritually, and individually through one-on-one mentoring.


Interns take part in a cohort group to develop leadership skills. 

Full Time Intern

up to 40hrs a week


Part Time Intern

adjustable hours based on applicant (will also be allowed to have another job)